“A Brief Lesson In Statistics”

“A Brief Lesson in Statistics”

by Brandon Jeanpierre

“End of the White Man Era?” The alarmingly stupid question/claim posed my many since our, er… uh… beloved Head of State was re-elected. Truth be told, though, the Republican Party is just full of sore-losers. They and many like them would have themselves and others believe that America has fallen victim to a terrifying wave of minority population growth— that the average white male’s mythical empowerment in this country is being preyed upon and he is becoming something akin to a unicorn. Hate-mongering self-pitying claims like, “Things have changed. I’m a minority now,” have been echoing through the United States for over a decade now. There are two particular reasons that this school of thought frightens and saddens me.

First, it carries an implied notion that being anything but white is undesirable and that, should demographics make such a change that is a terrible thing for this nation because white men have somehow made it better (there’s a whole list of objective reasons to challenge that alone, but that’s neither here not there). Aside from being subversively racist, this idea is sickeningly self-important. Truth be told, aside from lucky fellow here and there that beats out a minority for a promotion at a menial job, the average white male doesn’t really carry that much clout in America. Never did. The average American is easily overlooked period. From my observation, being white may certainly be a good card to carry when it comes to harassment by law enforcement, it certainly doesn’t automatically gain prosperity. The concept of the majority of the wealth belonging to a small percentage is nothing new. Not in America. Not in the history of mankind. A nation without ethnic minorities means simply a nation where the impoverished majority is all the same race. Let’s take that in for a bit…

The other thing about the “End of the White Man Era,” hysteria that disturbs me is that, unfortunately for us “free-loading, rape-hungry” minorities, it is far from true. Being a minority of the population is inherent in the term, “minority.” All kidding aside, though, the really sad thing is that fear, frustration, and ignorance are pretty strong forces, despite concrete evidence to the contrary of whatever the crises may be at any given time. The night of the election, a Fox News spokesperson cried out, “…minority numbers have grown tremendously in the last four years…” Let’s look into that, shall we? Here’s a pie chart:

Figure 1.

Ethnic demographics for the United States, based on the US 2010 Census (www.census.gov)

Not to single anyone out, but let’s use the blacks as a shining example. Why not? We’ve got a black president and all… in a manner of speaking; so, in 2010, twelve percent of the population was black. That, at least in my opinion, seems to be quite a small footprint in a population of over 300 million. According to alarmists, though, there has been a population growth of epic proportions between then and the last election. Perhaps I’ve just lived in too many predominately white towns to have noticed the tragedy. Let’s look at another pie chart:

Figure 2.

Ethnic population demographics for the United States, according to the CIA World Factbook, last updated 11/6/2012 (https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/geos/us.html).


This is very peculiar. I guess it is true. The black population in America has indeed grown in recent years. An alarming 0.85% it seems. Gasp. Now, what about those pesky Hispanics? Referring back to Figure 1., it seems that the 2010 census shows a Hispanic population of 12%. Right on down there with the blacks.  Now, referring again to Figure 2., it seems that they’re right again. The Hispanic population as indeed grown. A staggering 3.1%, giving about 15% of the total market share of a current population of over 314 million. White men beware.

Statistics are great, but interpreting them is even more fun because I feel a rebuttal coming on. “What about all the ones that are here illegally?” Very simple response: they can’t vote. I’m afraid that illegal immigrants are not a valid target for the disenfranchisement of the white man. Voter eligibility. There is another interesting concept to take into account when looking at the above charts. The interesting thing about them is that they account for the entire population. This means that each of those slices of pie includes men, women, children under the age of 18, and disenfranchised felons. Keep in mind that for each percentage represented above, an even smaller percentage of each ethnicity is actually eligible to vote. Of that smaller percentage that is eligible to vote, an even smaller percentage actually does vote. For instance, according to Brookings Research, only 44% of Hispanics were eligible to vote and 78% of whites were eligible to vote in the last election. Mind you that the aforementioned 44% of Hispanics is 44% of a 15% of the overall population.

Minorities taking away the white man’s voting power and thus taking America (his, uh, native land) from him? I’m afraid not, kids. The last election was no statistical anomaly. Simply put, America still hasn’t spun so out of hand that a politician doesn’t need white men to vote for him/her to get elected. Quite the contrary. So, what does that mean, white guys? Why did Obama win? Easy. Apparently, a lot of white people don’t like Mitt Romney, either. At least, that’s refreshing.

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